ScottXXX Video – Chessy Feetfest

A fresh new video is here to please your sight and we do love to bring to you kinky stuff! It was time to make this website, so that you could have access to all the hottest pics and videos that we gathered and to share them with you as you definitely enjoy watching these feet lovers around here, right? So let’s not waste any more second of your valuable time and press play!

As follows, you will get to see this horny guy that will start licking this guy’s sneakers! And this is not all, cause soon you were going to see him playing with his large tool while doing that and also sniffing those snickers! Meanwhile this other dude was going take his buddy’s shoes off so that he could sniff those socks! Then the teasing began as they both started to lick those socks and then they were going to remove them so that they could have better access to those toes, in order to lick them and suck them! Did you enjoy this amazing video? In this case, you are also invited to sign up on our website and in this way you are going to gain full access all around, so don’t wait any much longer and join us right away! Stay tunned for other hot pics and videos!

See this guy getting his feet sniffed and licked!


Muscles and Huge Cocks

Hi! We are so glad that you chose us one more time and we thought that you might cum back for other hot and amazing ScottXXX scenes! As follows we decided to share with you other crazy pics that we just received the other day by some of our fans! And we are talking about this horny couple that started to play with each other while they were watching the TV! Stay here and we will have you watch this kinky scene in no time!

There is no surprise that these guys like to party, but they also enjoy keeping themselves fit! And for this they workout every single morning! Here we have them right after practicing and they were just lying on that big bed while this guy came close to this inked dude’s feet! And he was about to start sniffing them, massaging them and in the end licking those big feet! And he was doing that while he was also taking care of his extra large tool as he began rubbing it and jerking off! So he was going to continue playing with it until this horny guy was going to be ready to release all that juicy jizz all over this dude’s sexy feet! Did you enjoy our post today? If you are interested in seeing more from where this came from, you just have to sign up on our website and you will get instant access right away! Also you can enter the Jason Sparks Live site and enjoy watching some cock hungry gay guys getting their tight asses stuffed!


Check out these muscled hunks licking their feet!


Tied and Tickled

Hey you! Have you had the chance to look on our website? Here at ScottXXX we like to please your sight with some other hot stuff and today we got to share with you other kinky scenes! As follows we are going to show you how these two guys began to play with each other and this hot guy was going to be tied up and tickled right away! And this was just the prelude! So let’s see what were they going to do, shall we?

What could you possibly do after a long day at work? We thought it was time to show you how these guys liked to play sex games right after getting back home! So as this guy came out from the shower, he thought he might relax on his new armchair! And while he was sitting comfortably, this other dude came around and he was interested in tying him right away! Then we saw as this dude was going to start touching his feet and tickling them! Next thing we knew this dude was going to star teasing him by touching and licking and massaging those big feet! And while he was going that his tool got up and ready to go deep inside this other guy’s butt! Feel free to have a look around and you might find what you were looking for! See you around with other hot pics and videos as well! Also you might enter the blog and see some muscled guys fucking!


See this hot jock getting tied up and tickled!


Sniff, Lick and Cum

Welcome around boys! We have been waiting for you to see some more from where the other hot updates came from! And we are back just how we promised we were going to share with you other hot scenes that we caught on camera from these guy’s bedroom! As they were also feet lovers and we were there to catch them getting intimate! How about taking a peek at what were these cute boys going to do next on that big bed, shall we?

I bet you were looking for something like that! And you are so lucky to be here as you got in the best place in the world! We worship feet as much as you do and we were going to show you how other guys like to do it! As they enjoy getting kinky, today we were going to have the chance to see them as they were eager to start massaging, touching and licking each other’s feet! Then we could see some jerking off action cause next thing we knew that large tool entered into this guy’s round and sexy ass, and in the end this cute fella’ was going to cum all over his feet! If you liked what we presented to you today, you are also invited to cum back tomorrow as we have also other scenes to share with you! Stay around and enjoy all these hot galleries! Also you might visit the site and see other sexy gay men fucking!


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Smelly Feet

Hi there gentlemen! How about getting an orgasmic break after all that hard work? You definitely deserve one and it is time to loosen up, have a seat and have a look at what we have for you today! As follows we brought to you other two hot fellas that were going to play with each other and more than that, you are going to have the chance to see them playing with those feet as well! So stay close and take a peek at what’s next!

What a better way to enjoy your Sunday morning if not with your lover nearby and getting a closer look at those big feet of his? And since this inked guy saw them from closer by, he got even more fired up, so he was going to start teasing him with his tongue and sniffing them, licking them and massaging them over and over again, just like it happened in passion perfectly! Cause soon we were going to see them taking turns in playing with those smelly feet and sucking those fat ding dongs as well! Are you curious to see what else is going to happen in there? Just stay here and watch this entire scene! We are going to play it to you, you just gotta sign up on our website and you will receive full access all around! Don’t forget to cum back for more and you will see other hot updates around here!


Watch here these jocks worshiping their feet!


Scally Lads

Hello people all around! It’s good to have you here and eager to see some of our most famous Scott XXX pics and videos! Today we thought we might get to surprise you with some new and hot stuff , so we have for you two new guys that were going to get kinky, just like you love it! There are feet involved, some hard cock too, so stay close and we will have you watch this entire scene right away!

Not long before having the chance to get to know each other in person, as they kept chatting online, they decided to see each other in some town that were half way to their places! And here, right after getting into the room, they were going to get intimate! As these two cuties were going to start their sexual intercourse in their own way! As they loved getting a prelude, they were going to start sniffing those sock and those smelly feet and while they were going that, they were also going to play with those hard tools! Soon we were going to see them in action as this dude was going to stay in the doggy style position while this other guy was going to cum and fuck him from behind! See you around guys and can’t wait to bring to you more pics and videos for you to watch and enjoy! Also you might enter the blog and see some cock hungry gay guys nailing each other!


Check out these jocks sniffing each other’s smelly feet!


Passion Perfectly

Hello again buddies! We were waiting for you to cum back as we have a lot more Scott XXX  pics and videos to share with you! Today it was time to bring to you also other sexy pics that we caught on camera while these two passionate fellas were in their new apartment! And they were pretty eager to get started, so they weren’t going to have too much time to waste! Let’s see what were they up to, shall we?

Have you ever thought how much deep and intense pleasure you might get by trying something new? And since we are talking about something kinky, these two fellas were going to share the same big bed in the new apartment that they have just rented and it was time to inaugurate it right away! So they removed all their clothing items and then it was time to start playing with their feet! And while this guy was getting his toes sucked and licked, this guy was massaging his lover’s feet and his hard cock as well! Are you eager to have a look around to see what else happened in there? There is only one way to find out, so sign up on our website right away and in this case we are going to be able to give to you full access all around! If you wanna see some slutty trannies getting ass fucked, check out! See you around with more galleries and videos, stay tunned for more!

passion perfectly

Check out these hunks sniffing and licking their feet!


Outdoor Sniffing

Hi there boys! Were you interested in having a look on our amazing Scott XXX website to check out what is new? It was about time you came back and we thought we might get to celebrate with these guys! As they were eager to get started outdoors, so we didn’t wait any much longer and took our camera to shoot some hot pics and share them with you afterwards! So let’s see what else were these guys willing to do over there, shall we?

Not long time ago , we had the pleasure to be at this horny guy’s place! And as soon as things got heated up these fellas began to rub their tools right under the table and soon we were going to have the chance to see them as they were going to take their shoes off and those socks too! All that they had in mind in the end was to start sniffing those big smelly and sweaty feet and play with their large ding dong while doing it! Soon we were about to see how they were going to get some penetration as they wanted to stuff each other’s tight anus hole with those hard cocks! Are you interested in seeing what else happened in there? Just sign up on our website and you will have the chance to see more amazing stuff around here, you will also have full access all around!


Watch here this guy sniffing a smelly foot!


Nick and Arab

Hi there feet lovers! Isn’t it time for you to watch and enjoy one of our most recent ScottXXX ? It features these two horny guys eager to get some action! And as soon as Nick invited Arab over to his place we were going to see them sniffing feet and playing with those big cocks of theirs! So let’s not even wait any longer and have you watch this kinky scene right away, shall we? Just stay here and watch them in action! Have a look at best sneaker also!

As it was this guy’s day off, he thought he might invite a friend over to have some sexual time! So right after taking and having a coffee it was time to get into the bedroom and this dudes were interested in taking their sneakers and their socks off, and their clothes too, just to have enough access to those smelly feet! And then they began rubbing those large tools while they were kissing, smelling and licking those smelly feet and the toes too! And soon they were going to slide those large tools into each other’s tight butt, so how about not wasting any more time and have a look at what happened over there, shall we? Did you had enough time to watch and enjoy as these two fellas were going to get pleasured! They are kinky, so if you are eager to see this entire scene, just join us right now! For more action, check out the site and see muscled Rod getting wild!

Nick Cheney and Arab

Enjoy watching these jocks licking each other’s feet!


Big Sweaty Feet

Hello boys! How about having a seat and relaxing just as this guy from the pic, right? We here at ScottXXX like to see you all pleased, so as follows we are going to show you some new hot pics that we have received! Today we have two sexy men that are going to show to us how they enjoy playing with each other! So all that we have left is have a seat and watch them playing, shall we?

What a better way to enjoy your day after a long day of work if not in your own place with your love ones? And as this dude barely got home, he took his sneakers off and his socks too, so that his buddy could cum closer and start playing with his feet! And as soon as he had the chance he was going to sniff them, then he was pretty eager to start licking and sucking those sweaty fingers! They even started to play by tickling, but soon they were going to get serious cause being so fired up and ready to get some fucking action! If you enjoyed watching them in action, you are also invited to have a look around on our website as you might find what you are looking for! All you have to do is join us and you will have full access all around! Also you might visit the nextdoorworld site and see some gorgeous hunks making out!


Take a look at this guy getting his feet tickled!